Design Process

The design process is comprised of several stages that assist the client in reaching their “Dream Inspired Design”. The following stages describe what the client can expect from Burkholder Kitchen and Bath Design .

Stage One: Initial interview with client.
  • View existing home and the area to be remodeled.
  • Take an inventory of what the client likes and dislikes about the current space and goals for storage, function, appliances and timing of the project.
  • Review tear sheets from magazines that the client has collected to communicate design preferences.
  • Discuss budget parameters based on home value and future plans.
  • Present Design Agreement and receive deposit for initial design plans.
  • Measure existing space and take photographs for reference and to show changes from the “Before” images.
Stage Two: Review initial plan options
  • Present floor plan options that allow client to see the space from several perspectives and advantages. Elevations may be included to help the client visualize detailed areas.
  • Discuss appliance options and related costs.
  • Combine elements of several plans to move toward a final desired plan.
Stage Three: Present material options
  • Review elevations and final floor plan for any additional changes.
  • Discuss cabinetry styles, finishes, construction and cabinetry hardware options.
  • Present countertop material, finish and edge profile options.
  • Select decorative, task and general lighting fixtures.
Stage Four:
  • Present electrical plan and make revisions as necessary.
  • Review plans with remodeling team on site for an accurate estimate of mechanical, electrical, carpentry, sheetrock and painting and installation of appliances and cabinetry.
Stage Five:
  • Project estimate is presented and discussed for changes or approval.
  • Start date and scheduling is determined.
Stage Six:
  • Work commences with regular visits by designer to address progress, concerns and questions.
  • Final walk through and punch list created.
  • Enjoy your “Dream Inspired Design”.

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